Production animals bovine

Session sponsored by CEVA

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prof. Zygmunt Maciej Kowalski, PhD
“Workshop on dairy herd health management – metabolic disorders”

Michał Plewik, DVM
“The role of the veterinarian in breeding management on the dairy cattle farm”


Arkadiusz Dors, DVM PhD
Lecture: “Diagnosis and control of bacterial respiratory diseases of swine”
Workshops: “How to recognize disease in the pig farm? – presentations of clinical case studies”

Joseph Lunt, DVM
“Use of interdermal technology as Basic pig clinical skills”

Kazimierz Tarasiuk, DVM PhD
“Pig pathology quiz and differential diagnosis”

Horses Obstetrics and orthopaedics

Maciej Witkowski, DVM PhD
Lecture: “Basic of obstetric surgery in the mare: surgical reposition of the uterine torsion and c-section”
Workshops: “Fast Localised Abdominal Sonography of Horses (FLASH) in a colic patient”

Rafał Pędziwiatr, DVM
“Ultrasound examination in the orthopedic evaluation of a horse”

Reproduction and respiratory system disorders

Blanka Wysocka, DVM
“Dynamic disorders of upper airways in horse”

Prof. Monika Bugno-Poniewierska, PhD
“Chromosomal aberrations as one of the causes of fertility disorders in horses”

Marek Tischner, DVM PhD
“Clinical evaluation of the stallion’s reproductive suitability”

COMPANION ANIMALS Reproduction / Diagnostic Imaging

Natalia Sowińska, DVM, PhD
“Cytology and vaginoscopy diagnosis in breeding”

Agnieszka Pietsch- Fulbiszewska, DVM, PhD
Lecture: “Radiographic and computed tomography diagnostics of head structures. Structural and functional evaluation methods”
Workshops: “Ultrasonographic examination of abdominal cavity of companion animals.” and
“Radiographic and computed tomography diagnostics techniques and specificity”


Session sponsored by VETISS

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Katarzyna Kraszewska, DVM – Vetcardia specialized cardiopulmonary referral clinic Warsaw

Maciej Gad, DVM – Vetiss Limited

Abdominal Ultrasonography Workshops

Session sponsored by VETISS

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Kamil Borzyszkowski, DVM – Vetiss Limited


Lidia Nosal


prof. Zdenek Knotek, DVM, PhD, Dip ECZM
“Advances in reptile surgery”
“Advances in exotic animal anaesthesia”
“The role of veterinarians in protection of exotic animals”


Prof. Krystyna Czekońska, PhD
Adam Tofilski, PhD


Justyna Koniczuk-Kleja, MA
“Introduction to mechanisms in interpersonal relations”
“Workshops based on cases from the veterinary practice”

Eliza Anna Niemczycka, DVM

General lectures

Jan Suchodolski, DVM PhD AGAF DACVM
“The intestinal microbiome – the forgotten organ and its role in health and disease”

Maria Yvonne Hemberger, DVM PhD
“Wellness at UNAM Neudamm Campus as an example for complete mind-body balance development”

WAVMA – Maura Daniela Urdes, DVM PhD PgDip CertAqV
“Aquatic veterinary medicine – a new approach to veterinary medicine”

SLW Biolab s.c. – Jarosław Szubstarski, DVM
“Principles and possibilities of Laboratory Veterinary Diagnostics of infectious diseases in production animals”

RB VAC sp. z o.o. – Jarosław Szubstarski, DVM
“Application of autogenous vaccines in prevention of poultry and swine bacterial diseases”

“How to interpret blood results in an organised manner – clinical cases”

“Hygiene on the dairy farm in the context of the production economy”

“Healthy nutrition of dogs and cats”

BIOWET PUŁAWY sp. z o.o.
“Veterinary surgery – practical tips”