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Are you passionate about exploration and travelling?

Do you want to spend some time in a good company and try new things?

If yes, we would like to invite YOU to our Post Congress!

Seaside, lakes and the capital of Poland – in 7 days we will show you how to travel in Polish style!

Let’s go together on an Adventure!




A seaport city located on the very north of Poland, on the Baltic sea coast. It is mainly known for the important role it played in the modern history not only of Poland but also of the entire Europe!

Sadly, it is regarded to be the place where the World War II started on 1st September 1939 with an attack on Westerplatte. However, on a happier note, it is also the birthplace of Solidarity movement, which played a major role in the collapse of communism in Central Europe in 1989. Nowadays, this over 1000-year-old city is a mix of a modern, dynamically developing metropolis, and a historic old town reconstructed after the war, full of mementos of a bygone era.

There are lovely, sandy beaches here but we have to warn you – Baltic sea is a bit on the cold side, around 18°C in summer. But if the water is too cold for you, you can always eat delicious fish & chips!

You will also have a one in a lifetime opportunity to witness chilling on the beach in Polish style – I can promise you, it will be a unique experience!




Masurian Lake District is one of the finest regions in Poland in terms of its natural beauty and its leisure potential.

It’s located in northeastern Poland within the geographical region of Masuria. It contains over 2000 lakes! Many of them are interconnected so you can spend even two weeks sailing its waters and never visit the same place twice!

Masurian Lakeland is a great destination for everyone who values a beautiul scenery and active way of spending time. You can enjoy here all the water activities like swimming, sailing or canoeing. The Masurian region has also many forest areas that offer trails for trekking or biking.

Let us take you for 2 days of chilling on the deck of great sailboats steered by cool helmsmans! 2 days full of sailing, swiming, bonfires, spectacular sunsets and generally a lot of fun!




Warsaw as the capital and also the largest city of Poland is located in the center of the country -like a heart. It is notable among Europe’s capital cities for its indestructibility – like a phoenix it has risen repeatedly from the ashes of war.

Now, Warsaw is an alpha global city, a major international tourist destination and a significant cultural, political and economic hub. It is also the wealthiest capital city in Central and Eastern Europe alongside Berlin. Moreover, its historical Old Town was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city provides entertainment suitable for all, full of theatres, cinemas, museums, palaces, pubs and clubs. And the city’s cultural life is very vibrant! Let as show you how the rich & prosperous live and party in Poland.